What are some ways to compare laundry detergents?


Comparison of laundry detergents is based on the tests carried out. These tests projects include; testing the most effective stain remover and testing the fabric on fire resistance by burning the washed fabrics in different detergents. Cost can also be another distinguishing factor among detergents.
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Test different brands on how effective they are in removing old motor oil. You must design the test to be the same for each brand. Take several 1-inch by 3-inch strips of cotton cloth
Overview There are numerous laundry detergent options on grocery store shelves. From name brands to store brands and specialty brands, many laundry detergents do essentially the same
forget the stain remember the detergent.
"Which detergent gives you the most bang for your buck? Source(s) good luck, ej.
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Science Projects on Comparing Laundry Detergents
Students of all ages have been fiercely competitive in the world of science for generations. Annual school, county and state science fairs display projects from chemistry to physics, each student striving to earn the top prize. Creation of the winning... More »
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A science fair project that uses laundry detergent could be to test the effectiveness of different brands. Use a cotton cloth with stains, a measured amount of ...
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