Science Words That Start with W?


Science words come in all lengths and start with all letters. The ones that start with W are from all aspects of science. The list includes water, weight, and winch.
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weather. weight. white caps (ocean-related) wolf (biology) wind. water.
Wavelength, weight, wave-particle duality, and white dwarf are some
There are not any true French words that start with W, but they have borrowed a few foreign words, such as wagon, wok, week-end,webmaster,whisky ,water-polo and winchester(rifle).
words I - W: interview.
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An animal which starts with the letter 'W' would be the wallaby. Others are water buffalo, weasel, and wolves. ...
Western Sahara is one of just two countries that begin with the letter "W," the other being the Wallis and Futuna Islands of Polyneasia. The northwest ...
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