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The black bears scientific name is ursus americanus. Males in the wild average between 125 pounds and 500 pounds and the females weigh between ninety and three hundred pounds, with the biggest being 520 pounds, found in Minnesota. Black Bear lives throughout much of the continent, from northern Canada and Alaska south into Mexico, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
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The scientific name of the American Black Bear is Ursus americanus.
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia Order: Carnivora Family: Ursidae Genus: Ursus Species: Ursus americanus
The binominal name is comprised of two parts, a generic name first, followed by a specific name. The resulting name refers to a single species. A subspecies is designated by a third name after the species name.
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Ursus Americanus.
A black bear is a rather large mammal and North America's most common bear. They are omnivores (eating berries, roots, grasses and insects), although they have been known to eat mammals
The Black Bear's Scientific Name is Ursus americanus. I like Black Bear
For many hunters, black bear hunting is the ultimate challenge. It's not easy to get the chance to hunt a black bear in the United States. The seasons are often restricted in various
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