Scientific Name for Ground Moss?


The scientific name for ground moss depends on the individual type of ground moss being referred to, as there are many types. Reindeer moss is one type of ground moss, with its scientific name being Cladina rangiferina. Another type of ground moss is club moss, whose scientific name is Lycopodium spp.
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Mosses nd liverworts together comprise the division bryophyta. The first green land plants to develop in the process of evolution. It is also believed that they evolved.
As with other Bryophytes, mosses are plants that have no vascular tissues. Mosses thrive in moist and shady areas, but they are also found in mountainous areas where there are freezing
There are many different types of moss. For this question to be answered you
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There is no moss scientific name. There are scientific names for the moss' kingdom and family. The scientific name for the moss' kingdom is Plantae and the scientific ...
Moss is a division or phylum of small soft plants. The scientific name of green moss is Bryophyta. They usually grow in clusters in damp and shady locations. ...
The scientific name for moss is Bryophyta. They play an important role in nutrient circulation in tropical forests, and also controlling erosion along streams. ...
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