What Is the Scientific Name for Fungi?


Fungi is the plural for fungus which is a eukaryotic organism. This group includes yeasts, molds, and mushrooms. This group of lifeforms is known scientifically as a kingdom.
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The scientific name for the whole group is Fungi. (The capital F is important. However, there are many levels of scientific names covering the different taxonomic levels: kingdom,
The scientific name for club fungi is Basidiomycota. !
You can find this and more imformation at this link I'll provide. They are divided into divisions: Chytridiomycota Deuteromycota Zygomycota Glomeromycota Basidiomycota Source(s):
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Kingdom Fungi
The Kingdom Fungi includes some of the most important organisms, both in terms of their ecological and economic roles. By breaking down dead organic material, they continue the cycle of nutrients through... More >>
Other Kingdoms:
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