Scientific Name of Turtle?


Turtles are scientifically referred to as Testudines. They belong to the order Chelonii and they are extant reptiles which are characterized by a particular bony or cartilaginous shell that acts as a shield. They are known to move very slowly and arduously, dragging themselves forwards with their flippers.
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The scientific name for turtles in general is Testudines. Bear in mind that different species also have specific subnames. Trionyx triunguis for example is the scientific name for
Scientific name for the box turtle is Terrapene ornata. Thanks for using
You say the genus and then the species or specific name. It depends on what sea turtle your talking about. Source(s) Wikipedia.
Eretmochelys Imbricata, better known as Hawksbill Sea Turtle, lays an average 160 eggs in a nest. Their food diet include sponges, anemones, squid and shrimp.
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The scientific name for turtle is Testudines. They are very popular because of their covered back and slow-moving nature. They belong to a group of animals called ...
Texas turtles are animals from the species of Alpalone. Their scientific name is Alpalone spinifera emoryi, and they originated from the United States and New ...
A scientific name is the formal name that scientists give to life forms and things that occur within nature. Scientific names are also often referred to as binomial ...
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