Scientific Names for Mosquitoes?


The scientific name for mosquito is Culicidae. It is a true insect, and has six legs. The species of the mosquito has over 3500 different kinds that are divided into three different subfamilies.
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mosquito scientific names are: kingdom-animalia phylum-arthropoda class-insecta order-diptera
There are many species of mosquitoes in the order Diptera. The common
There are different types of mosquitoes, one is an aedes aegypti mosquito, another is an anopheles albimanus mosquito. Source(s):
The scientific name of the mosquito hawk or night hawk is Chordeiles m
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Insecta Order: Diptera
Mosquitoes are holometabolous insects and therefore grow through an egg, larva, pupa to adult stage. The larvae and pupae are aquatic, the adults are free flying. At 80° F the larva goes through four larval instars in about 4 days... More »
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