Sclerae Anicteric Definition?


Sclera is defined as the white hard covering of the eye. It is what makes the actual eye ball. Anicteric means without jaundice. So, anicteric sclera would mean that whites of the eyes are actually white and not yellow as if there was a problem with the liver. When someone is jaundiced, their skin and the whites of their eyes can take on a yellow tint. This is common with newborns as their body is learning how to release the toxins.
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anicteric: without jaundice; not affected by jaundice
[an′ikter′ik] Etymology: Gk, a + icterus, not jaundice pertaining to the absence of jaundice (icterus).
an exceedingly delicate layer of loose, pigmented connective tissue on the inner surface of the sclera ; recently, the suprachoroid lamina of sclera and the suprachoroid lamina of
Sclera of variable thickness that retain the normal fetal transparency so that the blue uvea is visible. Blue sclera occur alone or with brittle bones and deafness; many are autosomal
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