Scope of Environmental Science?


The scope of environmental studies is vast and wide. Sky is its limit and ocean is its depth. We must understand the nature of human cells and the nature of plants cells which provide nourishment and around which animals and man have evolved. It is the quality of plant life on which the quality of human life depends.
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what is the scope of environmental science with respect to the 'Kyoto protocol'
Environmental science is the study of the environment. It is the study of the interaction of different types of elements found usually in nature. It combines the physical and social
An environmental engineer's job is to solve environmental problems like air pollution and waste disposal. For example, an environmental engineer can design a waste-water treatment
So if I follow you, computational neuroscience topics would relate to things like neurons, electrical activity and functional areas of the brain; and cognitive science would ask questions
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The social sciences have a wide scope when it comes to the fields of study and the different subcategories they include. To name a few, the social sciences include ...
Environmental science is important because it teaches human beings how to conserve the environment. The environment makes up and influences every aspect of life ...
Environment science is defined as a biological study which relates various organisms to the environment. It stipulates how these organisms survive or adapt to ...
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