Score Baseball Cards?


Score baseball cards are considered collectible baseball cards that began being distributed as sets in 1988 but have not hit their peak in value yet. A sealed set of Score baseball cards from 1988 that includes 660 cards, including 5 Mark McGuire baseball cards, 164 Ken Caminiti cards, 265 Barry Bonds cards, and 638 Tom Glavine cards, sells for an estimated $10 online. A set of 517 Score baseball cards from 1998 sell for an estimated $12 online if they are all in mint condition.
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1. Buy a score book (a book containing preprinted blank score sheets) or buy a program/scorecard at a professional baseball game or sporting goods store. Almost all of the books have
1. Follow the link at the bottom of this page and create a user name on Beckett to access the. My Collections. feature. This allows you to input all of your cards, or just the good
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