Scott Stamp Number List?


Scott Stamp number lists and updates all the stamps of the whole world annually which its editors is recognized for postal purposes. It is produced in six large volumes and produced also in no-printable CD and DVD edition. The Scott number for postage stamps is therefore the authorizing body for all the stamps worldwide.
Q&A Related to "Scott Stamp Number List?"
Scott is a company that publishes a listing or catalog of all of the issued stamps in the world. They assign each stamp a number. A normal stamp used for postage on envelopes or cards
Scott number for stamps is the reference number of the stamp as listed in the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue published by Scott Publishing Co.
Jayne, It reads like you have a playing cards revenue, either Scott number RF23 (printed with a rotary press) or RF24 (printed with a flat plate). Fault-free, eye-appealing used
We don't have access to that information, but you can contact the Scott County, IA Dept. of Human Services at 563-326-8680 for more info.
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