What are some Scottish birthday sayings?


Scottish birthday sayings are mostly written or said in the Gaelic language. 'A h-uile là sona dhuibh 's gun là idir dona dhuib' is translated from Scottish Gaelic to English as 'May all your days be happy ones' and 'Slàinte, sonas agus bearta' is a birthday saying that wishes wealth, health, and happiness. Another Scottish birthday saying is 'May the hill rise behind you and may the mountain be always over the crest; May the God that you believe in hold you in the palm of his hand.'
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Mostly exclusive to the Highlands and Scottish islands, Gaelic is a centuries-old language that captures the charm of Scotland. To wish someone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
"co-latha breith sona"
The best Scottish saying by far is: 'Yer Bahookies oot the windea! (your butt is out the window) which means you're speaking rubbish.
1 Make sure it's the person actual birthday. It would be weird if you sung happy birthday to someone when it isn't their birthday. 2 Go to their house. Make sure it's their house.
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