Scratches on Porcelain Sink?


In order to repair porcelain sink scratches you will need a soft cloth, pumice stone and a razor or utility knife. You will also need porcelain compund and some fine sandpaper. This project also requires that you have alkyd based paint to finish it.
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1. Put the stopper in the sink and fill with water. It doesn't matter whether you use warm water or cold water; just don't use hot water, because your hand is going to have to go
8/15/2010 I scratched my Porcelain Sink and the best and fastest way was (KOHLER CAST IRON SINK CLEANER) I found it at my local Home Depot. Followed the directions and the gray scratches
I know of an inexpensive way to hide the chip or crack temporarily. Use Liquid Paper. You have to paint it perfectly inside the crack without going on to the good part. Keep it handy
How to Clean a Porcelain Sink. White porcelain sinks aren't the easiest item in the kitchen to keep clean. Stains and spots show up and the sink starts to look dingy and dirty. Although
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1. Mist water onto the scratch marks. Sprinkle baking soda over the scratches. 2. Spritz glass cleaner onto the baking soda. Scrub the affected areas with a sponge ...
In order to remove a scratch from a porcelain sink, you'll have to use a porcelain repair kit. First, make sure to thoroughly clean the area to remove all grime ...
A great way to get rid of scratches is with a pumice stone. You can start by putting enough water in the sink to cover the bottom. Place pumice stone in water ...
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