How to Format a Flashback in a Screenplay?


Decide what the segue will be that allows the character to change the hindmost into the past in the flashback scene, choose what occasion or point in time the character will flash back to, inscribe a few outlines that depict the scene in the present time, transcribe the words 'FLASHBACK TO:' in all capital letters and right-aligned on the page.
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1. Format the title page. When printed out on white paper it should be 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Type the title of the screenplay in capital letters about a third, to almost halfway
1 Open Microsoft Word, or another word processing program, such as Notepad or Works. Ad 2 Set the font style to Courier, 12 point. 3 Write your title, in all caps. (i.e. : WIKI-HOW
Depending on which version of a screenplay you're referencing -- a shooting script is different from a spec script: a feature film screenplay is different from a television screenplay
You need to buy the book THE SCREENWRITER'S BIBLE, by David Trottier. It will give you all of the answers you need.
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