Se TU M Ami Se Sospiri?


Alessandro Parisotti composed Se tu m'ami, se sospiri. Parisotti attributed it to Giovanni Pergolesi but he was not the composer. The text to Se tu m'ami was written by Paolo Antonio Rolli.
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Alessandro Parisotti originally wrote it, but he is not the one credited for writing it. Pergolesi is credited for writing it. The lyrics were created by Paolo Antonio Rolli.'_ami
Hello, Anna – Thank you for the question. One set of English lyrics for the arietta, "Se Tu M'ami", reads as: If you love me, if you sigh Only for me, dear shepherd,
Itself Your M' ami is the translation of Se Tu M'ami by
"Como se dice en ingles prestame tu telefono" means as they say
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Se tu m'mami English translation means 'if your mommy'. It is said in Spanish and it is when someone mixes one Spanish phrase with English. That is common to Spanish ...
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