How Many Eggs Do Sea Turtles Lay?


Sea turtle eggs are soft-shelled and papery to leathery in texture and they come ashore to build nests and lay their eggs. They may lay clutches containing on average 50-160 eggs or more, and may lay more than one clutch in a season depending on the specie. Hawksbill turtles lay the largest clutches, which may contain over 200 eggs while Flatback turtles lay the smallest clutches approximately 50 eggs per clutch.
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Raccoons and other predators wait near eggs and eat baby sea turtles as they hatch. Young sea turtles are born on land and head for the sea as soon as they hatch. This period is the
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Sea Gulls eat tons of baby sea turtles as they hatch and dart across the beach to the water. After sea turtles get large enough very few things will eat them. Large sharks like Tiger
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