What is the salary for trainers at Sea World?


In 2010, the Minyanville Media reported that the average yearly salary for a senior dolphin trainer at SeaWorld was approximately $30,000. Dolphin trainers apprentice for a year or longer while killer whale handlers serve about four.

Entry into the employment ranks at SeaWorld is difficult to achieve. The entrance exam includes a freestyle swim, underwater swim and a free dive to retrieve a weight at the bottom of a pool. The exam also includes a test of public speaking skills and a very difficult interview. An undergraduate degree in marine biology as well as hands-on experience working with animals is mandatory.

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One guy said he was one of the trainers for Shamu and made $250,000 or higher! Who ever told you that was very mistaken! Trainers might make $25,000 after they have been there for
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1. Get a degree in Animal Husbandry, Animal Science, Zoology, or a similar field. While this degree is not required to work at SeaWorld, it is highly recommended. 2. Get as much experience
Aw, I love Sea World! I'm from California and used to go there ALL the time when I was little : The average salary for Shamu's trainer at Sea World can be anywhere between $20,000
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