Sears Snow Blowers?


The snow blowers that are sold at many Sears stores are manufactured by Craftsman. Craftsman is also the manufacturer of nearly all their power tools including drills, saws and air compressors.
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AYP (American Yard Products) and Murray
WOW, what a difficult question. You don't say when (years) and you don't say which model. However, over the years just about every major snow blower manufacturer has made them for
1. Check the fuel level. Remove the fuel cap and verify the fuel is up to the full line. If it is not already full, fill the tank with fuel mixed with 2-cycle engine oil. The ratio
A used snowblower takes the sting out of winter cleanup while saving money at the same time. Do your homework before you shop however; buying another person's headaches won't solve
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Sears snow blower manual can be found on Sears site. It may also be downloaded from Lawn and Garden Manuals Online. Sears Home Services also have a manual of its ...
AYP (American Yard Products) and Murray. Murray is no longer in business, they were taken over by Briggs and Stratton. Briggs and Stratton also build John Deere ...
You can order the parts through Sears Parts at: Just put your model number in the appropriate bax and you can get a listing of your parts ...
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