Second Condition of Equilibrium?


The second condition of equilibrium is that an object does not move along a straight line. It also does not translate. Issac Newton presented the second condition of equilibrium.
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"The Second Condition of Equilibrium was presented by Issac Newton. According to this condition, an object that is in equilibrium does not move along a straight line. Which means
If just all forces are balanced, the body will not move from one place to another (assuming it was at rest in the first place) but the arrangement of the forces may still make a body
The tree conditions for equilibrium are Thermal equilibrium, mechanical
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The conditions for translational equilibrium are that the object is not accelerating and there is no net force on it. Equilibrium is a state that all organisms ...
There are two conditions for the static equilibrium of a rigid body and they include, the net power on the body must be zero and the net force generated by all ...
Torque is analogous to force. As Force produces a change in the state of linear motion of a body, Torque produces a change in the state of rotational motion of ...
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