Secondary Socialization?


Secondary socialization is the learning and adaptation that continues throughout life. It is taking what you learned in childhood as your culture and lifestyle and applying it to adulthood. This is based on the beliefs, morals and values we were taught as children.
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we did this is sociology at college : its where you receive socialisation and learn how to behave, out side of the home and family (e.g in school)
Secondary socialization refers to the socialization that takes place throughout
Primary socialization occurs when a child learns the attitudes, values and actions appropriate to individuals as members of a particular culture. For example if a child saw his/her
No, GCE is 'General Certificate of Education', basically an A Level. Very few, if any, secondary schools provide the chance to study A Levels.
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Secondary socialisation refers to the procedure of learning a suitable conduct as a member of a smaller group within the larger society. Essentially, it is the ...
Primary and secondary social groups are groups of people that others associate with. The primary social group is the group of people that you consider your friends ...
Socialization is the process through which a person learns how to behave and can be broken down into two categories; primary and secondary. Primary socialization ...
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