Secret Pal Gift Ideas?


When it comes to secret pal gifts there are many different ideas available. First, try to find out what type of things your secret pal likes. If you are unsure of what your secret pal likes you can try gifts such as spices, candles, decorative kitchen towels, or bath stuff. Other secret pal gift ideas can include a gift basket, a gift card, specialty foods, recipes with some of the ingredients in a mason jar, tickets to the movies, or tickets to a museum.
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Skip the typical coffee mug and candy gifts this year as you show appreciation for your coworker with a Secret Santa gift. Secret Santa gifts are given anonymously to another person
How about: A poster (that you make) That says 'Good Luck ------' and then a bunch of little sayings that your coach might say etc.. Also you could get them a water bottle in the school
Well i did this for myfriends and i got them lots of little things like one big presents surrounded by little ones that cost around a dollar hope this helped:
It depends on what they like when you pick a secret buddy gift.
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Homemade Gift Ideas for Secret Pals
Make thoughtful, homemade gifts for your secret pal made just for him. Choose a theme centered on a hobby, skill or interest to inspire crafty gift ideas. Other options include holidays such as Christmas or Easter, and special events like buying a new... More »
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