What are some Secret Santa clue ideas?


Secret Santa clue ideas are often the little gifts that are given during the week leading up to the reveal of who is the Secret Santa. Often, a dollar limit is set for each gift and the entire week so people are able to participate but not spend a lot of money. A couple of ideas for your name include a Christmas gift packet of hot cocoa, lip balm, homemade cookies or sweets, coupons for free items such as lunch, a gas card, or a chocolate bar.
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What your good at like if you like basketball, donkeys and the colour brown then the clue could be im a donkey with a brown basketball! Random i know. I hope it helps.
Skip the typical coffee mug and candy gifts this year as you show appreciation for your coworker with a Secret Santa gift. Secret Santa gifts are given anonymously to another person
i think the first person answerd in the wrong section. im not so much on riddles however i like puzzles, Maybe you can make a puzzle like of your self or a collage of the things you
Some secret Santa ideas are gift cards, movie tickets, manicure and pedicure gift
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