Seductive Text Messages?


So, you've got the digits, and you're determined to woo your crush with your words, but what to text?

The best flirty texts will playfully prompt your crush to respond. 'Hey good lookin', what's cookin'?' is a cute, if tried and true, way to open the conversation. If you want to lightly tease him or her, try 'If you were here right now…' Or, to create an air of mystery, try sending a blank text. This will pique your crush's interest. When they ask if you meant to send it, just respond with 'That's weird, didn't know I texted you… my phone must have been missing you ;)' Whatever you decide to text, don't be shy about texting first. Making contact will show that you're interested, and your crush is bound to be flattered.

And remember, don't text any words or photos that would make either of you uncomfortable. Not only will that kill the mood, but, as we know from countless celebrity and political scandals, even 'privately' texted photos have a way of showing up in embarrassing places, like the internet.
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