What Is a Seed Coat?


A seed coat is the outer layer of a seed. A good example would be that whitish surface that you have on orange seeds. It is used to protect the seed on the inside.
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A seed coat protects the embryo of a new plant. It is a membrane that grows and coats the embryo after germination in the mother plant. Nestled inside the coat is the dormant embryo
The seed coat (or testa) protects the seed (embryo and endosperm) from mechanical damage (insects, abrasion and being crushed) it also protects the seed from infection by bacteria
n. The outer protective covering of a seed.
The outer covering of a seed is called the seed coat. The seed coat is
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What Is a Seed Coat?
Have you ever looked at a seed? It's amazing how that little, hard thing can be the source of a garden, flower bed or houseplant, even a huge tree. All seeds are covered by a seed coat. That coat is an amazing thing by itself.... More »
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A seed coat is the outer protective layer of a seed. Its job is to protect the embryo inside of the coat. Most seed coats are impenetrable, which helps to keep ...
A monocot seed is the a seed with one cotyledon, the part that stores food required by the seed. The seed usually germinates, leaving the seed coat below the soil ...
The three main parts of a seed consist of: a seed coat that can be thick or thin. Endosperm which lies beneath the skin coat. The embryo which contains three ...
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