Seed Stitch?


Seed stitch (also called 'moss stitch') refers to a kind of knitted fabric, created by knitting in a specific pattern. This pattern is made by alternating knit and purl stitches in every column and every row. The seed stitch method is well-suited for edging projects, as it lies flat rather than curling up.
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The seed stich is a decorative stitch that resembles "seeds" or "bumps. It actually looks much more complicated than it is. If you know how to knit, you can easily
Seed stitch is also known as moss stitch. It is when you knit one purl one throughout but in the next row the purl stitches are above the knit stitches in the previous one (like a
1 Begin by casting on the desired amount of stitches desired for the width of your piece. You must choose an odd number of stitches in order to successfully knit using the moss stitch
Seed stitch:Any odd number Row 1: k1, p1, k1; rep from Rep this row...
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Seed stitch in knitting consists of single knits and purls that interchange horizontally and vertically. It lies flat, making it a good edging for a sweater border ...
A ladder stitch is a hand embroidery used with bugle beads or seed beads while stitching. Its two fabric-covered cards should be joined invisibly by stretching ...
Some of the different types of knitting stitches are basket weave, moss stitch, garter stitch and mock cable. Other stitches are pavilion, seed stitch and rice ...
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