Seeing the Strange in the Familiar?


Seeing the strange in the familiar is defined by Peter Berger, Sociologist, as 'things are not always what they seem.' An exercise in sociology is to analyze a familiar event to find things in the event that are strange. In the study of human society, or sociology, there are often assumptions made that do not reveal the underlying and unseen forces that are strange. An example of seeing the strange in the familiar is looking for the way society has shaped decisions previously thought to be unique to the decision maker.
Q&A Related to "Seeing the Strange in the Familiar?"
it simply means that we see the strange reasons behind familiar behaviours. Most people think that their lives were shaped because of their choices. However, sociological perspective
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Writing from personal experience as someone who has been a mother's helper, babysitter, home visitor, parent counsel, and someone who has repeatedly been called a 'baby whisperer'
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