Seg Blood Test?


Neutrophil is a mature white blood cell that fights bacterial infections. It is also known as segmented neutrophils or sets. If the neutrophil or seg count is less than 500, the individual has a higher risk of developing an infection.
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low neutrophils.
BMP stands for basic metabolic panels and is a blood test looking at your sugar and electrolyte levels. It's a great way to check on your kidneys and other organs to make sure things
One type of blood cells. Inflammation somewhere, or nothing at all. Get retested. Maybe first test was inaccurate.
AST is the abbreviation for aspartate aminotransferase, which is an enzyme that is commonly found in the liver, heart and muscles. According to LipoScience, the enzyme was used as
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When looking over results from lab tests you may wonder what are Segs. This is a shortened term for the complete blood count with the white count differential. ...
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