Seigneurial System?


The Seigneurial system was a form of system in New France where lords were granted parcels of land. it was a system to help in land distribution.
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Characteristics. A seigneury was granted to a seigneur. The seigneur was obliged to rent long lots (concessions) on his seigneury to tenant-farmers called censitaires (habitants)
Seigneurial system, an institutional form of land distribution and occupation established in NEW FRANCE in 1627 and officially abolished in 1854. It was inspired by the feudal system
The seigneurial system was modeled after the feudal system in Europe and included a system of rights and duties between seigneurs and censitaires (habitants). The Seigneurial System
seign·eur (sān-yûr′, sĕn-yœr′) n. 1. A man of rank, especially a feudal lord in the ancien régime. 2. In Canada, a man who owned a
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