Who Makes Seiki?


Seiki is a US company, and Seiki products are made by Seiki Digital. Their headquarters are located in southern California. They make some of the best LED HDTV's and LCD High Definition TV sets.
Q&A Related to "Who Makes Seiki"
I heard from a saleman at HHGregg that Seiki uses Samsung parts. And for anyone who can't get their Comcast or Direct TV remote to learn the Seiki code. try using a Samsung code.
1. Make sure that the door is fully closed. The Hitachi Seiki CNC lathe has two sensors that let the controller know that the door is fully closed. The door being open will cause
Seki can refer to Seki,Gifu, a town in Japan, And Lieutenant Yukio Seki, the pilot who led
I have a Vizio and don't like it. I will be watching a movie and I goes off by itself. Or I can leave in on while I'm on the telephone for 2 hours and it stays on. I would stay away
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