Selective Breeding of Slaves?


Selective breeding of slaves occurred because the owners thought to take the best qualities of their slaves and tried to blend them together in order to make a better quality slave. In theory, one can breed out undesirable qualities while retaining or enhancing desirable qualities. In reality, humans have complex genetic profiles. Although someone may 'look' healthy and perhaps even superior, that is not necessarily the case.
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Selective breeding is breeding very specifically to obtain a certain result. For example if you are breeding animals someone may want to make their breed of dog smaller or larger
Get Breeding Stock Buy the type of guppy you want to start with. Chose the color and tail shape you want to breed. Purchase fish from more than one source to avoid starting out with
1 Choose good stock. This is very important to starting a good line. Order fish that look similar to the fish you want to breed. Buy them in brother sister pairs so the fry will look
putting two specific breeds on animals/plants together to form a mixed breed as in selecting which ones you want to put together.
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Selective breeding is the process of growing plants and rearing animals for specific traits. The breeding is sometimes done by a professional. Plants are known ...
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