Self Sustaining Ecosystem?


A self-sustaining ecosystem is also referred to as closed ecological system. These ecosystems don't have any interaction with any other parties outside the system. To maintain, this system you need to identify the primary sources, the secondary sources and the consumers in the ecosystem
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1 First, get a large glass jar with a lid. This will contain your ecosystem. Ad 2 Go to a pet store and buy some aquatic plants, 2-4 water snails, pH buffers and gravel to put at
1. A decomposer. Place fertile soil in a container (e.g., bucket, aquarium or box). You may need to augment the soil with fertilizers to assure there are enough nutrients to promote
some thing that is able to sustain oneself or itself independently.
By definition and ecosystem IS self-sustaining. Abiotic factors would include adequate light, water, soil. Proper altitude. Tropic and predator/prey relationships do not exceed the
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How to Make a Self-Sustaining Ecosystem
Energy is captured from the sun by plants and is passed through ecosystems. Energy collected by the sun by plants is consumed by animals (which can be consumed by other animals) and used for metabolism, growth and reproduction. Plant and animal waste and... More »
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