Sell Used College Books?


You can usually sell your used college books back to the college bookstore so that they can be sold for a used price. This is the way most college kids get extra money and purchase textbooks at a cheaper rate. You can also list your college textbooks online through various websites that handle secondhand college materials or through Amazon. These are all reputable sources for selling used college books and the amount of money you will receive largely depends on the book and the condition that it is in.
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1. First you need to figure out what your textbook is worth right now. Go to and do a search for your title. Refine the search so that you get just the specific edition
You can sell used books on Craigslist, or EBay,, can also donate them to your local library, or to a senior center, or
1. Collect the college books you'd like to sell and weed out any that contain the following, which might cause book buyers to turn the book down. Water damage or smoke damage. Pet All of the above websites deals in buying , selling, renting and swapping used textbooks.
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From my undergrad experience, I'd say that the best online sources for selling college texts and other used books, would be either ...
The easiest way to sell your college books is to go to the college bookstore right after the semester ends. There is usually a buy back week scheduled when you ...
There are many places to sell books, such as your local Half Price Book store, online at certain websites and college book stores will usually buy back textbooks ...
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