Selling Homemade Crafts?


There are several ways that you can sell homemade crafts. If you're just looking to make a few extra bucks, you can spread the word around the neighborhood to those you know. But if you're really interested in earning serious cash from your crafts you can set up a store selling products on eBay or create your own website and begin marketing your products.
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Instructions. Sell to family and friends. When you first start turning your crafting hobby into a business, you may want to start out small by selling to family members and friends.
I sell my handmade jewelry on. and. Both are free to list and then you pay a percentage when your item is sold. I noticed someone answered with.
If you can, take some pics of your candies and make flyers w/ the pics on them. Put a description of the candies on the flyer along w/ prices. These could be posted at laundermats
1 Get the crafts that need to be sold. Make some things to sell. It is better to sell things in bulk and well made, as people will tell their friends and you need them to last. Ad
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How to Sell Homemade Crafts
Selling homemade crafts is a dream for many people, but it can take a lot of planning and work to get the process right.... More »
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