Semi Perishable Foods?


Semi perishable foods are foods that have little water content and fat. Examples of semi perishable foods are margarine, hard cheese, nuts and cooking oil. Semi perishable foods are foods that do not need to be refrigerated.
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Semi Perishable foods are food that have low water content and dry foods that contain some amount of fat for Example: Butter Margarine Cooking oil Biscuits nuts hard cheese onions
Perishable food should be shipped almost immediately after it is prepared. Make sure you use a thermal container, and the food needs to be packed in ice.
1. Pack the item in a box sturdy enough to withstand handling at various orientations. 2. Use a box with 1-1/2" thick insulated walls such as an expandable foam box, to keep
I would imagine that is advertising jargon for foods that have a reasonably long life foods. Yoghurt would be an example. An unopened litre of yoghurt will last months past its expiry
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