What is the average semi-pro football player's salary?


Semi-pro football players do not get paid. They are dedicated male and female amateurs who play because they enjoy the game. Some leagues charge players participation dues.

Semi-pro leagues have several competitive teams within a certain geographic region. Although no salaries are offered, people still have to try out for the teams. Prospective players must be at least 18 years old, and they must have health insurance. Tryouts are typically during the winter, while games are held between April and July. Some teams offer training camps to help players and candidates prepare for the season. Teams do not have their own facilities. They rent spaces, such as high school stadiums.

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The average salary for semi-pro football jobs is $60,000.
1. Start a workout program. Before joining a semi-pro football team, you should be at your physical peak, with good muscle tone and agility. This workout program should include sprints
That would depend on the contract negotiated between the team and the player. The minimum rookie yearly salary as of 2007 is $285,000.
I heard its like 40-50k.
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The Average Semi-Pro Footballer's Salaries
Football reigns as one of the more prominent sports in North America, particularly in the United States. The National Football League (NFL) ranks as the highest level of competition, boasting the world's best players and most lucrative contracts. Several... More »
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Semi pro football players do not get paid to play. He have to have regular jobs just like you and me. There are regulations actually prohibiting payment. ...
The amount of money that a semi pro football player makes varies. This amount will depend on the team the player is on and the position he plays. It will also ...
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