How do you send a free Sprint text message?


To send a free Sprint text message, simply access your phone or wireless device. Before sending the text, however, check with Sprint to find out how many free text and media messages you can send per month. They will then text you the information, which allows you send free text messages as based on your account. You can automatically receive this information by pressing the View my Minutes link as well.
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1. Dial the number of the individual whose Sprint phone you want to send a text message to. Make sure that you dial the area code as well as the full number. 2. Use the keypad (or
One can send Sprint text messages through email to a Sprint customer by sending it to their account connected to Sprint. One must only use the email address connected to Sprint.
The more bars of signal you have the faster your text messages will
1 Go to your menu . 2 The cursor should be already on messages, since messages is normally in the middle . 3 Hit select or the OK button . 4 Hit select or OK again to begin composing
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