How to Make Alltel Ringtones on a Computer Send to Phone.?


1. Log onto the Myxer homepage (see Resources) You will notice three options at the right of the screen. Click the option labeled "Make Your Own. 2. Click "Browse" on the next page. Search for and locate the song you want to use as an Alltel
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There are many ways to get cell phone ringtones and some of that can be from your carrier. The other way is to download ringtones to your cell phone for free would be go to.
this is complitly depand on the type of mobile phone. u can easily send ring tone from computer to mobile by using BlueTooth, Infrared (Ir) or Data Cable. If your mobile is compatible
It depends on the phone; however, the easiest way is to do it
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You can send ringtones to your cellular phone using your computer by hooking up the data cable from your phone to the PC. You can also text message advertised ...
1. Start your e-mail program on your computer. 2. Open a new message to send an e-mail and click "Attach a File. 3. Choose the ringtone file saved on your ...
With so many phones and ways to send ringtones to your cell phone there are so many options. The most popular ways are connecting your phone to your computer via ...
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