How do you create Senegalese twists with Kanekalon hair?


To create a Senegalese hair twist, you will want to separate your hair in to small manageable sections. Put all but one section of hair up with clips and apply hair oil. Unravel the amount of hair you'd like each twist to be, unpack the Kanekalon hair and spray with oil sheen. You'll want to meet the Kanekalon hair halfway with your natural hair, twist it and coil each piece of hair in the opposite direction, moving downward.
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The Senegalese twist hairstyle is created using straight synthetic hair. This distinguishes it from kinky twists; a similar hairstyle that calls for tightly coiled synthetic hair.
4b 2b type hair curly type so the twist will stay in.
Yea, you can still get them. You just have to make sure the hair is long enough. You use kenekalon braiding hair, which you can find at most beauty supply stores. The amount of packs
You can only twist black hair when it it in its natural state. First, wash it really well. Take small pieces and add some gel. Divide into two smaller pieces and wrap them around
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