Senior Class Names?


Many schools like to have their graduating classes give themselves a name, for motto purposes, parades, and other celebrations. Some Senior class name ideas are: The Senior Citizens, The Senior Class Warriors, and Senior Soul.
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1. Set a limit of six to eight students. An even number is ideal, because then the group can pair into teams to review and edit each other's work. Plan an hour to an hour and a half
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Take mechanical physics your junior year. That's a definite way to get your basics set and how to get a nice foundation for your physics education. Then, for senior year, take the
I graduated in '03 and I don't believe we had a name for our senior class.I'm
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Taking students on a senior class trip should be fun and interesting and make memories for a lifetime. Some good ideas would be to go to the beach, an amusement ...
The senior class president graduation speech is an integral part of graduation history. The speech should be short and represent the entire graduating class. The ...
While Senior Skip Day is a tradition, there is not set national day that it is observed. It is typically just agreed upon by the senior class. ...
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