Senior Night Ideas?


To the best of my knowledge, there are many senior night ideas. One is to sign balls for your parents. You can also give flowers or other tokens to the opposing team. The important thing is to be original.
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This year we had two seniors, and all of the younger members had to get two things each to put in gift bags. We got: deodorant, body wash, lotion, picture collages, picture frames
You could have a band from the school play some great 80's music and everyone could
1. Look through your old yearbooks to find senior scrapbook ideas. Study what types of activities were recorded and the types of photos used to trigger fun memories from the past
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Some of the most important nights in a high school seniors life are the nights they spend with their fellow classmates or teammates. Sports teams like to do something ...
It depends on the kind of Senior Night you are going to have. If it's a Senior Night for Basketball players, then you can write a speech by coming up with the ...
Many schools depend on donations and selling ads to help pay for the making of the yearbook. Most often seniors are the center of attention in the yearbook so ...
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