Senior Night Speeches?


It depends on the kind of Senior Night you are going to have. If it's a Senior Night for Basketball players, then you can write a speech by coming up with the theme of sports and perseverance. Make sure there is one running theme, like perseverance for example. Pick out anecdotes, include then in your speech and deliver it before a mirror first.
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1. Pick a theme and outline your main points. You want the speech to be easy to understand for the audience. Outlining the key ideas, such as perseverance or celebration, in advance
1. Type up what you need to memorize, be it a speech, presentation, or the like. Ad. 2. Record what you need to memorize. Do this preferably on a computer, and record it both in its
Tell them about how much they appreciate the team, future plans, how long they have been playing, give the total low down on the overall playing seasons and stuff like that. Make
"night" is a noun'...
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