How is "antebellum" used in a sentence?


An example sentence using the word antebellum is "The antebellum plantations of the old American South were well-known for their extravagant construction." Antebellum is an adjective that means "before or existing before a war," particularly the American Civil War.

Although it can be used to refer to the period of time prior to any war, the word is most commonly used to refer to the period in American history before the Civil War (1861 to 1865). The first recorded instance of the word comes from a June 14, 1962 diary entry written by a woman named Mary Chestnut. Antebellum derives from the Latin words "ante" and "bellum," which combined together literally mean "before the war."

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The movie "Gone With The Wind" is a commentary about life in the antebellum or pre-civil-war South, and how that lifestyle was just blown away after the war.
Antebellum is an adjective meaning before the Civil War. A sentence would be
The Antebellum Age was a time of great transition because of the industrial revolution in America.
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antebellum in a sentence
Slavery was an accepted part of antebellum plantation life.
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