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The word, 'coherent' means to be awake or aware of something. The word can be used to describe a number of situations such as a person waking up from a coma to someone paying attention in their biology class. For example, 'After a long ten months of being in a vegetative state, Tammy was finally coherent when she awoke last night.' is a proper way to use the word coherent. You could also say, 'Paul was finding it hard to be coherent after leaving the saloon on Saturday night.'
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coherent in a sentence
Renee could not figure out what Monroe had seen because he was too distraught to deliver a coherent statement.
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Answer The old man's story was not coherent; he rambled on about several irrelevant subjects. Answer Her poetry is filled with beautiful language and haunting imagery, but there
1. Obtain or construct a device for producing coherent light. Lasers, although not typically available at your local convenience store, are good and reasonably ubiquitous sources
I am afraid I do not know what nignuts are! ChaCha on!
You can use a word in a sentence by building a sentence around that word. That previous sentence was built around the words, "a word." So that first sentence used "
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