What is a sentence using the word "allude"?


One sentence using the word "allude" is: It is not polite to allude to gossip when making conversation. Allude means to make an indirect reference.

Other grammatical forms of allude include: alluded, alluding and allusion.

Here are several other ways to use allude in a sentence:

  • Did you just allude to the fact that my client is guilty?
  • The teacher alluded that some students may have cheated on the geography test.
  • After alluding that his supporters fixed the election, the candidate withdrew.
  • It will do you no good to allude that your brother is responsible for drawing on the wall when you are holding the marker in your hand.
  • The judge reprimanded the prosecutor for alluding to circumstantial evidence.
  • Please do not make allusions about who broke the window; simply state what you know to be fact.
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You allude to my brilliance; if I was brilliant, I wouldn't be working here. Politicians often allude to the successes of their party and ignore the failures.
1. Look up the definition of the word in the dictionary. Make sure you understand exactly what the word means. Verify what part of speech the word is (noun, verb, etc.) and, if a
A sentence for alluded would be, "He often alluded to his poverty. It means
She often alluded to her loneliness.
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allude in a sentence
The story alludes to a recent event.
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