Sentry Safe Lost Combination?


Sentry Safe offers several ways for people to recover their safe lock combinations in case they forget or lose them. Users can register their combination on Sentry Safe's website, and login at any time to recover the combination. In case they did not register their combination online, users may request their combination by mail or fax from Sentry Safe's Customer Affairs team.
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1. Visit the "Recover Your Combination" page from the Customer Care section of the Sentry Safe website (see Resources) 2. Type in the username and password that you used
I have the same problem and can remember two numbers! The best way to do it is to go to "" It will cost you at least $15 and more if you have to pay for a
A safe is designed to allow custom combination input, therefore there
STOP! Dont spend the money on a locksmith.Lost combination: First, find your safe’s Model and Serial. Number. The Serial Number is in this packet, and is also printed. on the
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If you have registered your combination, you can get your lost combination right on the Sentry website. If you did not register, just email, fax, or ask for the combination in writing. Their customer service team can get it for you.
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