How do you separate kittens from a mother cat for adoption?


You need to wait until the kittens are around eight weeks old in order to separate them from a mother cat for adoption. Somewhere between 6 weeks and 16 weeks is the ideal window. You can leave the kittens alone for a while if their mothers too feral.
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1. Bring the feral cat and her kittens a small dish of food at the same time every day. The cat will begin to feel more secure because of the routine and will probably appreciate
About 10-12 weeks old. This gives the kittens time to be fully weaned and socialised.
Cat separation anxiety requires behavior modification and desensitization to soothe upset kitty feelings and reverse problem behaviors. Cats may go for years without issues, and then
Hi Kate! You are right to be concerned. Cats hate change. Siamese are exceptionally intelligent and I think it would upset Mimi more than Meeka. If Mimi is more attached to your
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