How to Find a Serial Number in an Autocad LT Program?


To find a serial number in an AutoCAD LT program, access the program on your computer from the 'start' button and then 'All Programs' to find AutoCAD. Go to the tab with the word 'Compatibility' on the properties dialog box and choose 'Run this Program as an Administrator'. Then open the program, AutoCAD LT and navigate to the top menu bar and choose 'Help'. A similar procedure can be followed for the Versacheck program.
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1. Run the program and click the "Help" menu. 2. Click "About. This opens a dialog box that provides information about the software version, licensing information and
I would suggest that you contact their "Support" system to find out how to install and use the system you paid for.….
That's hacking. Pls kindly buy a license from microsoft & receive updates to secure your computer
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