Series of Adjectives?


A series of adjectives consists of two or more adjectives in a row. When writing a series of adjectives, it is important to place a comma after each one. An example of a sentence with a series of adjectives is,'Aaron adored his soft, fluffy, yellow kitten.' When a sentence has a series of adjectives, the adjectives can be mixed up and the sentence will still make sense. An example is 'Aaron adored his yellow, fluffy, soft kitten.' The adjectives are in a completely different order than the first example, but the meaning of the sentence has not changed.
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It depends entirely upon whether or not the series is or was any good. Then, it's up to the critic in question. Rex Reed, en example, would have rotten adjectives for almost anything
Bella from the story, Twilight is friendly,
Hard to give exact formulas. But here are some examples: A large green leather sofa. A delightful, airy, spacious, modern kitchen. A snazzy red sports car. A beautiful warm sunny
Some adjectives to describe the ISLAND series by Gordon Korman are suspenseful, dramatic, adventurous, humorous, adolescent.
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