How to Increase a VA Disability Rating?


To increase a VA disability rating you acquire and fill out the VA Form 21-4138 statement and mail it to your regional VA office. Ensure to clearly indicate how severe your disability is and how it affects your lifestyle. This will aid the VA when making a decision concerning your request. Service disability rates are that veterans whose disability rate is at 30% shall be entitled to $389if they are alone. Still at 30% and with a spouse, the veteran is entitled to $435. If he has a child 2, he will receive $469 monthly. For details go to .
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1. Print out a VA Form 21-4138-Statement In Support Of Claim from the link available in the Resources section of this article, or call 800-827-1000 and request the form be mailed
There most definitely IS A TIME limit for filing claims with the VA! And those time limits vary, based upon: 1. Time served in the military. 2. Campaigns (or operations) served in
10%if you're lucky! The most you can get for a jaw disorder is 40% and that's if you cannot open your mouth more than 10mm. The only other higher rating is if your jaw is missing.
The disability rating for
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Th VA disability pay chart shows the various amounts of pay veterans might be eligible for. This chart is updated periodically in order to reflect changing rates ...
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