Service Crew Duties and Responsibility?


The duties and responsibilities of a service crew can vary. Generally the duties include delivering food and beverages, removing used dishes, setting up and taking down tables and taking orders. Their responsibility is to make sure the guests are satisfied.
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its not just one thing you do every thing like cook dishes windows bathrooms clean the lobby take orders take trash out mop and much much more.
Clarify your question. Do you mean a crew of a ship, an aircraft or sub? And which service are you asking about?
Whatever the employer says they are.
US Marshals perform a wide range of
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Duties & Responsibilities of Service Crews
Service crews come in a variety of industries. Any industry that provides a service as a product utilizes a service crew to complete the job. A group of coworkers that work as a group or team is considered a service crew. Most service crews work in the... More »
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